It’s the little things…

So, tonight I am sitting in my dining room next to a dark window (it is about 10pm) and thinking about all the gorgeous places in the world that I cannot wait to see and I realise that the garden that is currently hiding outside is a gorgeous place that I have already had the privilege to see.

It may not be the largest or the grandest garden in the world, in fact it is really just a rectangle of grass with a patio on either end, but it is wonderful. And it’s mine. I get to go into it everyday and see what new growth there is on the newly planted lavender and hebe border. I can finally tell that the roses from last summer survived the winter and are preparing to start putting out buds. I watched my dogs have a ridiculous roll in the sunny grass. I saw my first bumblebee of the year!

This is just my experience of the wonderful everyday – and that is what rural Somerset (where I call home) is all about. Being able to take the time and appreciating the small things. Without the small things, life is just waiting for us to get on the next plane, or accomplish the next great thing; and whilst that works for some people, I have found that finding the wonder in the mundane is not only what gets me through the day but what makes life worth living.

(Here is my precious rectangle of grass – minus the dogs)



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